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This is harvest season. The sight of fresh fruits made Mamie come out of lethargy, at long last. She peeled apples and pears.

Made her flaky dough.

Rolled it.

Set it in the pan and poured the fruit on.

And then, it was off to the stove!

After an afternoon of hard work, she has results. Smells in the kitchen again!!! What a treat that awaits the girls!

Mamie wishes she could share her delicacies with all of you! She sends love and hugs to all. Happy Fall.

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With Spring having finally sprung, snow having melted and robins exploring, buds coming out everywhere, Mamie felt like celebrating. With Easter in the wings, she went to work in her kitchen. The place has been pretty quiet lately so it is nice to see some activity.

Mamie poured her heart and soul in that chocolate! She went all out decorating a fancy egg for the girls.

Then remembered how she used to enjoy a very special treat from her childhood...strawberries dipped in chocolate! She reminisced on the wonderful feeling they gave her and she decided she’d teach the girls about them.

After a good number of fun filled hours, she had a tablefull ready for the big day!

A very Happy Easter in the making!!!

Happy Easter to all Hitty friends...wherever you are!

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On this most beautiful, crisp and sunny Winter day, Hitty Maude took Mamie out for a stroll. They walked and talked until they reached the local skating rink.

They were pleasantly surprised to find out the new girl in town, Miss Hitty Camille, had also come out for a bit of air! She was checking out the market stand. Hitty Maude went and said hello.

Mamie found out they could rent skates...she just couldn’t resist!!!

They skated to music and Mamie even sang too! After a full hour, they had to take a break...Mamie’s old legs are getting stiffer...she needed to sit and relax while the girls eyed the goodies!

Well...It looks like Mamie still has some mischief in her!

After some consulting, the trio decided to have an impromptu picnic. Hitty Floriane, who had also been walking, was most relieved to find a seat...and a treat!

Mamie came home with a lovely Valentine from Hitty Camille for all the girls to enjoy! Hitty Floriane and Hitty Maude bought flowers from the whole household to Mamie! Dear Mamie had Valentine cards on hand for each...and chocolates too!

The Sutton Hittys wish all of you a very Happy Valentine’s day! This year especially, we want to tell you all how much we love and miss you! Mamie sends hugs, cheers and smiles!

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