• Hitty

A lot of fun was had at Sturbridge !

Mamie helped get a special delivery ready for Sturbridge...after cleaning up construction mess, she took out the champagne to welcome the new owner...Hitty Maude thought she might get away with sampling...NOT!!!! Mamie simply wouldn't have it!!!!

Mamie and Gram Hattrick visited at show preview and somewhat indulged...Hitty Maude was quick to identify the source of wabbly feet. Between the Irish blood in Gram Hattrick and the French in Mamie...Reunions tend to be on the wet side!!!! But...they were quick to put up a straight face when the young ones showed up.

Alas...gatherings are sooooooooo quickly over...Mamie knows she will miss her dear friends a whole lot. She thinks she overheard some talk about a visit in a not so distant future...! But was it just the Baileys? Oulala...she needs to find out more...

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