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Busy November!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Mamie had visitors from France and they put together a lovely gift our Hittys got from dear friend Carol B. last Spring. Carol attended a workshop in Germany and brought back some wonderful 1/144 kits by Andrea Coppi*. Our Hitty household was the lucky recipient of a small grocery shop. Mamie has some great abilities but anything involving glue is a challenge to her. Dear artisan friends Catherine S. and Dominique A. worked their magic and this great new toy for the Hittys big and small materialized at last!!!! Thank you dear friends and thank you dear Carol!

When the friends left to go back home, Mamie missed them terribly...they have been such wonderful company! So she decided she should go visit family. That's just what she did this past weekend when she traveled to one of her favorite spots, up in the Laurentians. There was a lovely snowfall on Friday night and into the wee morning hours Saturday morning. Mamie was a bit taken by surprise as there was no trace of snow on the ground at home.

She started her day petting a new acquaintance...who says there is no moose around????

She was almost convinced to take a reindeer ride...

But she preferred going to Mont-Tremblant to grab a bite and sample some shops....Mamie soon found herself saving time, money and energy and sat by the fire pit to do some people watching! She is now back home fixing up a new room for herself...or for her guests. She hasn't quite made up her mind yet. She will soon start preparing for Thanksgiving....much looking forward to some company!

* Kits are available from Andrea at info@puppenhaushobby.de or you can contact Carol at thecarolb@verizon.net for more info. 

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