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Countdown to Sturbridge.

Updated: May 25, 2018

It is coming at long last!!! We have waited a whole year for Molly Cromwell's Dollhouse Festival where we gather in June. Our Hitty group of friends counts months, weeks, days and hours to this event!!!!  The past few months have been particularly trying for our moral....Winter seemed set on staying on and never making way for Spring...But the time has finally come, flowers are blooming, sun is shining and faces are smiling! We will soon be together at Sturbridge!

Hitty Maude is busy packing her suitcase, best sweater and all.. Needless to say she is besides herself with excitement! Mamie is trying to contain her and put in  some direction...now Hitty Maude...don't you forget your straw hat...I wonder if Hitty Maude even hears a word...

Meanwhile, Hitty Marie and Hitty Sophie are helping with a "dressed rehearsal" for displaying the many treasures to choose from... How to best present those wonderful surprises created especially for our woodens!!! And let's not forget we will  get to play with the new siblings Judy Brown has created... That's a highlight each year!!!

After packing suitcases, Mamie finally has time to get her shop ready!

Molly Cromwell's Dollhouse Festival at the Host is a yearly feast we wouldn't want to miss out on! Each year it is our occasion to spend time with old Hitty friends and make new ones! Christmas in June!!! Why don't you join us? See you SOOOOOOOOON!

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