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Thinking outside the box

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Mamie has been wracking her brains... In search of means to help out in these trying days. She paced and pondered until it dawned on her: why not do what she does best???

She zoomed off to her neighbor, Mr. Boucher. He was all ears and quickly approved of Mamie’s plan, offering his full support.

Many might not have easy access to fresh produce, meat, cheese, sweets... Mamie’s  passion for cooking combined with Mr. Boucher’s exquisite supplies will add up to Catering from the Heart.

Pretty soon, the kitchen was bustling.

Mamie worked her magic around the clock.

Hitty Maude and Hitty Fleurdelys were quick to lend a helping hand.

Every inch of the space Mr. Boucher provided was filled!!! A caterer’s dream come true. Now, the girls can go drop off the goodies on doorsteps all around and do what Hittys do best: spread love and joy!

Coming home after a full day, Mamie went to wash her hands...

And stumbled upon this shocker... Do we have a crisis on our hands???

Woodens and humans hope this brought a smile to all and want each of you to know we feel blessed to have you in our lives.

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