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Joyous Times!

The cabin is hustling and bustling with activity....Mamie is in a Christmas mood and she is spreading it....Hitty Sandrine and Hitty Mary keep a busy gift wrapping table while Ima and Mamie decorate the tree...Whisky, the cabin dog may have found an unexpected treat...

Everyone is active...Hitty Jeanne has a secret to tell Santa...and he seems to be in a listening mood. Of course, she covered her basis with a little sweetness.

Gift wrapping and tree decorating are serious business!!!  Mamie simply couldn't keep from preparing a little treat for a job well done. 

What better than playing outside after all the hard work? Hitty Maude and Hitty Jeanne are enjoying the skating rink as one Hitty Sandrine cheers them on and Hitty Marie boils water for tea. It looks like Mamie also brought cookies and sweets!! A perfect end to a perfect day!

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